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I wish I had a camera, the only ones who showed up today was our boys.  So the coach is having them do routines together. Austin is so much bigger than Brian that its almost fuuny, even they are giggling cause of size. I am not sure of the drill that they are doing but it almost looks like they are trying to dance together. Ha.  Oh wait he is calling it the swim.  I love those 2 so much!



A new joy!

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Well, here I sit trying to put a title to today and I don’t know how to express myself in that little of a space. A dream of Kens, mine, and the kids came true. WE ARE HAVING A BABY!

We went to the Dr’s today and the first thing they did was an Ultra Sound, we were so nervous, having lost 2 babies already we knew that this ultra sound would tell our baby’s immediate future. I asked the technician if she could tell us anything before she even started and she said NO. My sweetie sat by my side, knowing how scared I was, excited but scared he never let go of my hand. Ken , being the kind of guy he is ;-), wasn’t going to wait for the Dr to tell us, he started looking over the ladies shoulder to look at the monitor. I watched him slump in his chair. My heart sank, I felt for sure there was something wrong again. But then the lady turned around the monitor and said, look, I cant tell you anything but you can see, and there he/she was OUR baby. Then we got to watch the heart beat, beating so fast! Our baby is doing great! I just cried, Ken cried, he told me he had slumped in his chair in relief that he saw our baby!

We have told all of the kids but one (he was not home), and they are all so happy! A new adventure in our house has just begun.

Love and happiness to everyone,



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This is a new blog for me. I plan on adding information about my family. Mostly focusing on the kids. Stay tuned, I really hope to start adding content soon.

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