Progress on the 500 words a day

Recently I have started the 500 words a day challenge. I started this to force me to create and dump my thoughts. This is designed to be empowering and force the creative juices flowing. Since I have started I have put in a lot of quick work on this blog, but even more, work has been put into other things.

The main thing has been my journal. I now take time to write in my journal every day, mostly at the end, to self-reflect. This has allowed me to find areas that I have fallen short in productive and personal relationships and take steps to fix those.

The area that has not gotten enough attention from my part is my movie. I really want to finish writing this. Not because I think a studio will ever make it, but I just NEED to finish it. I need to find a little more time to work on this more as time goes on.



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