First Parks On The Air Activiation!

Today I decided to take the family out and do an activation. I initially wanted to start with something simple by just going out and making some basic contacts on my KX3 by Elecraft. This was intended to be a simple activation but turned in to a POTA activation.

Parks on the air lives at and from what I can gather is all about getting people out into the beautiful parks we all take for granted.

The basic idea is you pick a park you would like to go make contacts from. Take the family or friends. Hike out. Setup your station. Start making contacts.

But before those contacts start coming in you would need to register and tell people where you will be listening from.  This spotting process is really easy and just pick an open frequency

I went live in KFF-0708 with my family. This is the Stones River battleground here in town. It is a really nice park and one we had ignored as a family.

While we were out we got a few flurries and 10 contacts. It was great fun while it lasted. I wish I could have stayed out and made more, but it was just too cold. I am really thinking about going to another park tomorrow and activating again. If I don’t, I will at least hunt those that have.

If you are into the hobby and haven’t done so please check out and get in valved. If you are not and you see one of us at a part running a radio, stop and talk. We would be happy to teach you about the contacts we are making.


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