Visiting Family

In today’s world, I think that many people forget the simple things. The experiences that bind people together and make those memories that last a lifetime. Most of us chase the money and possessions and forget the simple. This is the trap I fell into for a long time.

I have always valued my family and friends. I have always enjoyed their company and doing things with them. However, this was not a priority for me. It always worked and the next toy. I have changed this.

Now you will find me taking more joy in hunting with friends and family. You will find me reading with my Son. Holding my wife’s hands. Experianing time and closeness. Talking about topics of interest.

This makes me smile.


Fall – An Excellent Time Of Year!

One of my favourite times of year is Fall. When I was younger I didn’t appreciate this time of year the way I do now. Back then I was more interested in summer. But that all changed.

When I was a younger I longed for the days of summer. No school, swimming pools, girls in bikinis, and summer parties. Those were the things of every young man’s dream. Those southern summer nights were amazing. Cruzing with your friends meeting new girls, You always had a summer romance, fling or two. The heat didn’t bother us at all! In fact, it just meant that girls were going to be dressed in less. Summer seems to be made for the youth.

Now as I have gotten older I really appreciate the birth of spring and fall. That magical time of year when mother nature shows her true beauty. The fall colours were there all along just hidden underneath, waiting to show how beautiful the trees really are. The temperatures are dropping and there is a crispness in the air. It seems that mother nature is sitting, fighting off the bleak winter months with one last push of amazing beauty. The smells! Pumpkin spice everything.. ok well maybe that is not so great. But there is a smell to fall. Just before the cold of winter sets in and the holidays show up.

As beautiful as fall is it does lead to the death of winter. This is the point where mother nature goes silent for a bit and waits to wow us with another beautiful show in spring!