500 Words A Day

Recently, with the relaunch of this blog, I have decided to start writing at minimum 500 words a day. My thought was that this      would become more natural over time and lead to me knocking out posts much quicker. I read this someplace online and it seemed like a good challenge. Given the fact in order to meet the goal you must write.

Writing in and of itself has always been a friction point for me. I think this is due to me not feeling I am very good at it and I  suck at spelling. Accepting this challenge means that I will have to ignore all of that and just write. And Just writing is the     point. I will not be able to duck out of it or give myself an excuse. I will just write.

However, I don’t need these all to be in a blog post. Sometimes it might be beneficial to write in my personal journal. Others, in  my movie script. In the end of the day I will have written, got my thoughts on paper and made the world a better place… OK well   maybe that last part was a bit of hyperbole, You get the point.

So here is to me just getting off my butt and writing. I am not claiming I will be perfect here, but I will just write. This should be an interesting journey for both of us. Me because I will be forcing myself to write and you because you will never know what     will come out of my mouth next.

What will I write about? Well it reality it could be just about anything. I might work on my script and finally get this dang movie finished. I might write in my long neglected journal. I could fill the blog with post that are nothing more than drivel. You know   kinda like this one. In reality it will likely be a mixture of things. So sit back and enjoy.


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